To honour of his memory and to mark the 150th. anniversary of first pblication of the wet collodion

process in 1851, a wreath was laid in 2001, on the unmarked grave of Frederick Scott Archer,

the originator of the wet plate process. His grave is to be found in Kensal green Cemetery in London.

The grave is on the right hand side of the leaning stone and it's position indicatedby the wreath of white flowers

A P.O.P print made from a whole plate wet collodion negative.

It is a tragedy that almost a 150 years have passed and yet Frederick's grave still lacks a marker.

Mark Osterman of "George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography" hopes that it will prove

possible to raise enough money to have a memorial stone placed on Frederick Scott Archer's grave.

If you would like to contribute please contact Scully & Osterman

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